Grandmaster C. Jeffery Hardwick


Grandmaster C. Jeffery Hardwick is an 8th Degree Black Belt and current Grandmaster of the Coszacks School of Self-Defense. He has studied Martial Arts under Master Jeffery L. Moore for over 30 years with teaching experience since the age of 15. On the competitive level he has been awarded trophies and medals for accomplishments in Karate tournaments in both Black Belt and under Black Belt competitions and has placed in over 90% of the Black Belt competitions he has entered. He has competed on both the State and Regional levels with a first place award in a regional tournament which earned him honorable mention in "Karate Illustrated" Magazine.

Master Hardwick has personally trained thousands of students, many who have won state, regional and national tournaments. He also has several Black Belt Assistant Instructors to aid in the individual training of students. Master Hardwick would like to extend a warm welcome to all perspective students and hope they will be able to find enjoyment and self-fulfillment in training with him and his assistant instructors.

CURRENTLY-Master Hardwick has been training for over 48 years, having taught three generations of students.  Previously he taught at the YMCA & Ohio University College. He is married to Dena Findeiss Hardwick.  He has three adult children, Chase, Megan and Jenna.  Master Hardwick's full time profession is Managing Partner of the Bryan & Hardwick Funeral Home and has been in the funeral business since 1979. See his professional business website here. Bryan & Hardwick Funeral Home

Master Butch Morgan


ROBERT “BUTCH” MORGAN is a 6th Degree Master Black Belt and Ranking Master Instructor at the Club. Master Morgan runs the day to day operations of the School & carries on the founding traditions that were instilled by Grand Master Moore. Master Morgan has also competed in both Black Belt & under Black Belt tournaments. He too has placed in over 90% of the Black Belt competitions he has entered and has numerous trophies & Awards. Master Morgan has also trained for over 40 years.


Coszacks Blackbelts Present & Past

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Grandmaster Jeff Hardwick

Master Butch Morgan

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