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The Coszacks style was founded by Grand Master Jeffery L. Moore in Cincinnati in 1971, and shortly after brought to the Zanesville area. Grand Master Moore was a Seventh Degree Black Belt who was selected as the "National Karate Instructor of the Year" in 1980.

The Coszacks School of Self-Defense has been teaching in the Zanesville area for over 50 years and has organized many Karate demonstrations consisting of board and brick breaking, defense against multiple attacks and slicing a cucumber off an individual's stomach with a sword for such organizations as the Boy Scouts of America, Bethesda Fitness Center, Good Samaritan Medical Center, Crooksville Pottery Festival, Cambridge Arts & Crafts Festival, Colony Square Mall plus many Schools and Churches to name a few.

We strive to teach each student certain skills that will enable him or her to defend themselves honorably. We try to promote the true spirit of Karate by developing:

  • Health (physical development)

  • Character (mental discipline)

  • Skill (proficiency in contest or every day life)

  • Respect (courtesy to others)

  • Humility (to be humble and not to show off)


Modern day Karate is not only a self-defense art, but is practiced as a sport, a physical and mental conditioner, and a builder of character. We strive to help each student develop their own personal self-control, confidence and peace of mind.

Master L Allen.jpg

"I am proud to say that no one in our style has ever used another student as a punching bag"

                                                                        -Master Larry Allen

early moore and hardwich sparring stance


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